Batzo for Government

Track market movements, new players and products, detect price coordination between players and propagate information to consumers about faulty products.

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Market Insights

Observe market players

Batzo helps you keep an overview of the growing number of market players and their product offering. Since the wider implementation of algorithmic pricing, the detection of collusion between actors has become increasingly challenging. With access to extensive and up-to-date pricing data, the analysis of competitive behaviour is greatly improved.

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Data Enrichment

Create more detailed consumer price indices

With Batzo's product pricing API, the monitoring of product prices and their evolution over time becomes much easier. Prices can be retrieved for individual products, or aggregated over categories, brands, vendors and more, allowing for more granular price indices.

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Consumer Safety

Inform consumers about faulty products

In our mission to help consumers find the right product, it is also important to warn them against faulty or dangerous items. This is why governmental and consumer safety organisations have the ability to prominently display warning messages on product pages to warn consumers before making a purchase.