EcoTip EcoTip

1% for the Environment

EcoTip is an ecological donation we make whenever you purchase a product you found on Batzo.

We partnered up with thousands of companies to make it possible for consumers to contribute to the preservation of the environment while shopping online. Whenever you make a purchase, we make a donation. It's simple, transparent and you still get the best prices!

How does EcoTip work?

Every time you make a purchase with one of our partners, we automatically make a donation of 1% of the purchase value to the environment. You don’t have to do anything! Follow one of the offers marked with a leaf on our site and when you purchase a product on that shop, we will automatically take care of the charity.

How does EcoTip help the environment?

Every time we make a purchase, it has an impact on our environment. EcoTip counterbalances this impact a little by capturing a small amount of the store's revenue and redistributing it to organisations which fight for the preservation of our planet.

Which vendors does EcoTip work with?

EcoTip works with thousands of local and international vendors. All offers marked with a green leaf work with EcoTip EcoTip .

Where does the money come from?

When you purchase a product at one of our partner's shops, a small share of the purchase value is sent to Batzo. This is what enables us to make donations.

Be part of the solution

Buying goods online is so effortless nowadays that it is easy to forget about the impact it has on our society and its environment. Although awareness about ecological issues has greatly increased in the past few years, our efforts are not proportional to the damage we have caused and continue to cause every day.

With EcoTip, we intend to counterbalance part of the negative effects that online shopping has on our planet by taking a small share of corporation’s revenues and redistributing it to organisations dedicated to the preservation of the world. It is quite similar to a tax on activities that are harmful to the environment, except that it is voluntary instead of begin imposed by the government. Ecological Taxations have already been instituted in certain countries to penalise the generation of negative externalities. The establishment of such Pigovian Taxes has come in response to the failure of the free market to consider environmental impacts, however the revenue they generate is not always directed towards environmental issues.

In Europe, ~534 Billion Euros (534’000’000’000 Euros) were spent in online shopping in 2017. If we all had dedicated one percent of our online purchases to charities, we would have accumulated over 5 Billion Euros in a single year. That is more than ten times the budget of the WWF and Greenpeace combined. The power and impact we can have when we come together is phenomenal. Come join us and help us shape the future together.

Do I pay more because of EcoTip?

No, you pay the exact same price as if you had bought the product directly on a retailer's website. However EcoTip only works when you visit Batzo before making a purchase.

What happens with my personal data?

Absolutely nothing. When somebody buys a product with one of our partners, we only recieve informations such as the amount and date of a purchase. This allows us to calculate how much needs to be donated and that is all we need. We respect your privacy.