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Help your users find product information and earn sales commissions by publishing on your channels.

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Earn money whenever you help make a sale.

By displaying products and lists on your publishing channel, you earn a comission every time one of your users makes a purchase with one of our partners.

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Provide product and pricing information to your users.

Help your followers by offering them the best product information right on your channel. Widgets are highly configurable and can display anything from product prices and ratings to product lists or rankings. Build your own widget to make it easy for your users to find ingredients for a recipe or the clothes of a specific outfit.

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Reach more viewers by publishing your content on Batzo.

Start publishing right away on Batzo to reach more visitors and generate more sales. Batzo Publishing allows you to post your own content directly on Batzo, making it easier for visitors to find and purchase. Additionally, you can also promote your own publishing channels in your posts.


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Gain insights about your visitors and performance.

Get detailed statistics about the traffic you are generating and the interests of your users. Various reports provide you with information to help you improve your publishing and content strategy.



The use of Batzo Affiliate Network features is free. The minimum payout amount is 20.- CHF.