Data Enrichment

Access detailed information about millions of products, barcodes, manufacturers and more.

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Store with large inventory

Product API

Get detailed information about millions of products.

Tap into a database of over 50 million products with extensive information. Our data is collected and verified from multiple sources in order to provide you with the most accurate and current information. Learn everything about a product such as it's name and description, brand, features, serial numbers and reviews.


Barcode API

Validate barcodes and access manufacturer data.

With over 100 million barcodes and thousands of manufacturers, we can provide you with information about almost any product sold in any part of the world. Recover manufacturer and product information about virtually any barcode or gather metadata about barcode ranges.

Macarons with pricetag

Pricing API

Get current and historical prices for millions of products.

Get notified about changes in product prices and observe how prices evolve over time for specific products, categories of products, brands, countries and more.

Coca Cola Can

Brand API

Access information on popular brands and their products.

Access data about any brand. Learn about their legal entity, the locations where their products are available, their product range and pricing as well as their customer satisfaction ratings.


How Batzo supports your business.

  • Cancel Anytime

    There is no minimal contract duration. Your subscription is billed and renewed monthly.

  • Change Anytime

    If you need to make more API calls or if you feel like you will not need that many calls in the future, you can change your plan at any given time.

  • Start right away

    Instantly after signing up for the API, you will recieve your private API Key which allows to make calls right away.


The pricing for our data enrichment Apis starts at 19.- per month. The cost per request decreases with higher amounts of monthly calls.

  • Starter

    5'000 Api Calls

    19.- / Month

  • Advanced

    25'000 Api Calls

    49.- / Month

  • Professional

    100'000 Api Calls

    99.- / Month

  • Enterprise

    500'000 Api Calls

    249.- / Month